Used as a water-based insulating coating for several casting applications.
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® L-CA 632 (also known as DAG 632) is an insulating coating of refractory pigments in a water base. BONDERITE® L-CA 632 can be used in various casting applications including permanent mold, low pressure casting, and as a gate and riser coating. BONDERITE® L-CA 632 has excellent adherence to the mold and good abrasion resistance. BONDERITE® L-FG 137 or BONDERITE® L-GP PRODAG is often applied as an overcoat for part release.
Product Specifications
Solids:  50.5 - 52.5 % (as supplied)  
Pigment: titanium dioxide    
Carrier/diluent: water    
Appearance: white thick fluid    
Density: 12.4 lb/gal    
Freezing point: 32F (0C)    
Shelf life: one year under original seal    
Freeze data: keep from freezing    
VOC:  0.0 g/l    
Odor:  bland 
Features & Benefits
Fine particle size for near net shape capability 
Excellent mold adherence
Great abrasion resistance
Very good insulating values – 8.25 W/mK thermal conductivity at 2 mils coating thickness
Problems Solved
BONDERITE® L-CA 632 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 

Poor die life
Excessive down-time and scrap pieces due to poor quality castings

Diluted BONDERITE® L-CA 632 should be spray applied, multiple coats are typically required to achieve the recommended coating thickness of 1-3 mils. The typical dilution ratio is 1:1 (BONDERITE® L-CA 632:water); the concentrate should be agitated before and during dilution. Molds should be clean and preheated to 149°-204°C (300°-400°F) prior to application. The coating should be air dried for 20 min prior to casting.