Primer base coating for low pressure and permanent mold refractory and insulating coatings.
Product Overview
Bonderite® L-CA CG 515 Acheson (Previously known as Deltacast CG-515) is a dispersion of several pigments in water to provide a primer base coat for low pressure & permanent mold refractory casting operations.
Product Specifications
Pigment: Various
Diluent: Water
pH: 11.8
Viscosity: Thixotropic
Density: 15.9 lb./gal
Odor: Bland
Freeze point: 0°C (32°F)
Shelf life: 12 months from date of qualification under original seal
Problems Solved
Poor Surface Adhesion & Permanent Mold Coverage
Frequent Required Lubricant Touch Up & Reapplication
Poor Mold Release & Surface Cavitation
The concentrate should be thoroughly mixed prior to use. Then, stirring gently, add small amounts of water to the concentrate until a fluid consistency is obtained. Stir in the remaining water to attain the desired dilution ratio. Typical dilution ratios vary from 1:1 to 1:3 (product : water). BONDERITE® L-CA CG 515 ACHESON (known as DELTACAST CG-515) should be spray applied for optimum results.