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Inulating & lubricating coating for low pressure & permanent mold casting.


49.9989lb Pail



Product Overview

Bonderite® L-CA 633 Acheson (Previously known as DAG 633) provides both a lubricating & insulating coating for many different casting applications.  It also allows for superior solidification, mold release properties and metal flow characteristics through a durable and very tenacious coating. 

Product Specifications

Solids: 43.5-46.5 %
Pigments: Boron nitride, titanium dioxide
Appearance: White fluid
Carrier: Water
Diluent: Water
Density: 11 lb./gal
Flash point: None
Freeze data: Protect from freezing
VOC: 0.0 g/l
Shelf life: 24 months from date of qualification under original seal
Typical viscosity: 800-2400 cps

Features & Benefits

Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2000°F (1093°C)
Non-wetting, meaning molten aluminum and magnesium will not adhere
Fine textured, permitting near net shape manufacturing
A good insulator, providing a 9.47 W/mK thermal conductivity value at 2 mils


BONDERITE® L-CA 633 ACHESON should be spray applied. Coating thickness, usually 1-3 mils, should be achieved by applying thin, multiple coats. Failure to use this technique could lead to peeling, flaking, and premature coating failure.

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BONDERITE® lubricants are tailored to meet the needs of specific applications, whether it is metal removal, casting, forging, or machining & grinding. These unique formulations reduce metal-on-metal friction, extend system life and provide consistent tooling performance.

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