Calcium Stearate Regular, Powder

Manufactured using the fusion process. The regular grade is often used for general purposes & ceramics.
Product Overview
Calcium stearate is a carboxylate which is formed from stearic acid and calcium oxide. Its primary uses are as flow agents, stabilizers, thickeners, and surface conditioners.
Product Specifications
Appearance: white powder
Melting Point: 160 °C
Insoluble in H2O

Primary Chemistry: Calcium Stearate
Features & Benefits
Great tin uses such as thin fibers and films. Does not melt , but will reach plastic phase at a normal processing temperature. Great catalyst/neutralizer.
Problems Solved
High cost of refined calcium stearates for use in ceramics and industrial applications
Coarse or large particle size of calcium stearates for use in plastics and thin film applications
Difficulties in modifying the melt temperature in high-temperature applications