ZELEC® AN is an amine neutralized phosphate ester. ZELEC® AN is used as an internal mold release aid like ZELEC® UN but has reduced acidity.
Product Overview
ZELEC® Neutralized Alcohol Phosphates are excellent internal mold release agents and effective anti-static agents for textiles, plastics and films.

The reduced acidity of ZELEC® AN allows for reduced corrosion of metal die in closed molded thermoset applications. This phosphate ester is an excellent antistatic agent. It can also be used as anti-fogging agent in lenses and glassing.
Product Specifications
% Active: 100
Acid value: 270
Boiling Point: >177ºC
Density: 0.95 g/ml
Flash Point, PMCC: >94°C
Freeze Point: <-30°C
pH, 5% in 1:1 IPA/H2O: 6.2
Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 0.98
Viscosity, cps @ 25°C: 1350
Primary Chemistry: Phosphate ester
Features & Benefits
Internal mold release agent
Reduced acidity
Reduced die corrosion
Anti-fogging properties
Anti-static properties
Problems Solved
Corrosion of metal molds and dies caused by internal release aids.
Fogging of lenses and glass.
Surface defects on molded plastic caused by poor release from the mold.
Internal mold release for composite manufacturing
Anti-static agent for plastics
Anti-static agent for coatings