ZELEC® NK is a neutralized phosphate ester that is used as a non-durable antistatic agent.
Product Overview
ZELEC® Neutralized Alcohol Phosphates are excellent internal mold release agents and effective antistatic agents for plastics and coatings.

ZELEC® NK is a useful antistatic agent for textiles, plastics, and films. It can be formulated with a variety of organic solvents and used to make useful concentrates for water based emulsions.
Product Specifications
% Active: 100
Boiling point: 149°C
Density: 1.05 g/ml
Flash Point, PMCC,: >94°C
Form @ 25°C: Paste
Freeze Point: 20°C
Pour Point: 21°C
Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 1.05
Primary Chemistry: Phosphate Ester
Features & Benefits
Outstanding antistatic agent
Broad solvent solubility
Water dispersible
Stable in both acid and alkaline systems
100% active paste
Problems Solved
Coating builds up static that then damages electronics.
Antistatic agent for plastics, textile, films, and coatings