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Enhancing Polymer Performance

Plastics and elastomers are ubiquitous in modern industrial applications, owing to their versatility, durability, and lightweight characteristics. And achieving desired properties, such as mechanical strength, thermal stability, and even improved surface finish, often requires incoporating additives into the mix. PMC Biogenix specializes in tailored high-performance additives for plastics and elastomers. Among the various offerings are their portfolio of naturally derived fatty amides, metallic stearates, and stearic acids.  

Fatty Amides

Fatty amides, such as erucamide and oleamide, servce as excellent slip agents and antiblock additives in plastic films and molded articles. Their molecular structure imparts lubricity and reduces surface friction, therby facilitating smoother processing and handling of polymer materials. Additionally, fatty amides act as nucleating agents, promoting crystallization and enhancing the mechanical strength of thermoplastic polymers. Moreover, these additives exhibit excellent thermal stability, making them suitable for high-temperature processing techniques , such as extrusion and injection molding. 

Metallic Stearates


Metallic stearates, including calcium stearate and zinc stearate, function as versatile processing aids, lubricants, and release agents in polymer compounding. These additives effectively prevent melt fracture and die buildup during extrusion, improving the surface quality and dimensional stability of extruded products. Metallic stearates act as effective internal and external lubricants, reducing friction between polymer chains and metal surfaces, thereby facilitating mold release and enhancing flow properties in injection molding processes. Metallic stearates offer wide range of compability from rigid PVC to thermoplastic elastomers. 

Fatty Acids


Saturated fatty acids such as Stearic acid are derived from animal and vegetable fats, offers multifaceted benefits as a processing aid and internal lubricant in polymer formulations. Its polar nature facilitates the dispersion of fillers and pigments, enhancing the homogeneity and color stability of plastic compounds. Moreover, stearic acid effectively reduces melt viscosity and processing temperatures, promoting faster cycle times and energy savings in injection molding and extrusion processes. Additionally, its chemical compatibility with other additives further enhances its efficacy as a performance modifier in polymer composites. 
PMC Biogenix additives, offer unparalleled benefits in the realm of plastics and elastomers. From improving processability and mechanical properties to enhancing surface finish and product quality, these additives are crucial in driving innovation and advancing polymer technology. As research and development efforts continue to evolve, PMC Biogenix remains commited to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of the polymer industry. 

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