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Solvent based fluid for use on light to medium forming operations on all metal substrates including prepainted metals.




Product Overview

Bonderite® L-FM PL 633 (previously known as Multan PL 633) is a solvent based fluid engineered for use in light to medium duty metal forming operations such as stamping, punching, piercing and bending.  The L-FM PL 633 is suitable for use on all metal substrates including pre-painted metals, and ideally used in operations where washing does not occur after forming. 

Product Specifications

Typical concentration range: 100%
Appearance of concentrate: Clear, white liquid
Viscosity (cP @ RT): 30
Weight (lbs/gal): 6.4
Phosphorous: No
Chlorine: No

Features & Benefits

Ready to use product that requires no further dilution.
Odorless product that creates wide plant acceptance.
Virtually no film remaining after product dries on surface.
Can be used on steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, copper or brass substrates.
Applied via most common ways including spraying, flooding, roll coating or hand application.

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BONDERITE® lubricants are tailored to meet the needs of specific applications, whether it is metal removal, casting, forging, or machining & grinding. These unique formulations reduce metal-on-metal friction, extend system life and provide consistent tooling performance.

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