Tyzor® ET, ethyl titanate

Tyzor® ET is an extremely reactive, 100% active ethyl titanate liquid that is used as a cross linking agent in coatings and as a reaction catalyst.
Product Overview
Tyzor® ET is the most reactive organic titanate in the Tyzor® product line. It has a very high titanium dioxide content and will rapidly decompose in the presence of water. Tyzor® ET is most commonly used as a cross linking agent where it will bind with polymers containing hydroxyl or carboxyl functionality. Metals and glass can be treated with Tyzor® ET to improve adhesion, surface hardness, and heat & light reflection. Polymeric films of titanium dioxide can be formed on glass and ceramic surfaces with Tyzor® ET by using sol-gel processes. Tyzor® ET is also an effective moisture scavenger because of it's high water sensitivity. It can be used to prevent moisture contamination in formulations that are particularly sensitive to water. As a metal catalyst, Tyzor® ET acts as a Lewis acid to improve yield while eliminating unwanted by-products. It is best suited for use in the synthesis of polycarbonates in diethyl carbonate systems and as a replacement for organostannanes.
Product Specifications
TiO2 Content: 34 %
Active Content: 100 %
Color: Light Yellow
Density (20C): 1.09 g/mL
Viscosity (20C): 70 mPa*s
Pour Point: -40C
Boiling Point: 153C
Flash Point: 40C
Refractive index: 1.51
Solubility in Solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents
Solubility in Water: Decomposes quickly
Solubility in Solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents

Primary Chemistry: Tetra Ethyl Titanate
Features & Benefits
Highly reactive
Highest TiO2 content of all Tyzor® grades
Extremely sensitive to moisture
Cross links hydroxyl and carboxyl groups
Forms polymeric TiO2 films via hydrolytic and pyrolytic processes
Promotes adhesion when used as a primer
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure of coatings, adhesives, and sealants to glass surfaces
Water contamination of moisture cure sealants and adhesives
Heat retention of metal and glass surfaces
Coatings; Chemical Manufacturing; Reaction Catalyst;