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POLYOX™ WSR N10 100 Mesh

POLYOX™ WSR N10 100 Mesh has the same properties than POLYOX™ WSR N10 100, except this has finer particles.


140lb Drum



Product Overview

POLYOX are water-soluble polyethylene oxide resins with a high molecular weight. They provide lubricity, binding, water retention, thickening and film forming properties. Main applications are in agriculture, adhesives, paper & pulp, industrial cleaners, ceramics and electronics. POLYOX™ WSR N10 mesh has the lowest molecular weight of the POLYOX range and used where lower viscosity is required. This mesh grade has a smaller particle size.

Product Specifications

Viscosity: 30 - 50 cP
Silicon dioxide: 0.8 - 3.0 WT%
Particle size thru 10 mesh: 100 Min
Particle size thru 20 mesh: 96-100

Features & Benefits

High binding efficiency
Low toxicity

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POLYOX™ water-soluble resins are nonionic polymers with a high molecular weight used for binding, lubricity, adhesion, and emollient performance. They can form association compounds with many other substances to achieve a wide variety of useful properties to add value and improve profitability to other formulations.

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