Royco® 27

Multi-purpose instrument & airframe grease which meets MIL - PRF - 23827 specifications, Type 1 NATO Specification: G-354 and Joint Service Designation: XG-287.
Product Overview

Royco® 27 is an advanced synthetic ester based grease paired with a lithium stearate thickener and robust additive packages. Royco® 27 imparts corrosion, oxidation and rust inhibition for extreme pressure anti-wear demanding applications. Royco® 27 is designed for aircraft actuator high loads, gears, and high-speed bearings as well as instruments over broad temperatures.

Product Specifications

Penetration (mm) worked: 288
Penetration (mm) unworked: 297
Low temp torque (Nm @-73°C) Starting: 0.62
Low temp torque (Nm @-73°C) Running: 0.04
Color: Light Tan

Primary Chemistry: Ester + Lithium Stearate thickener
Features & Benefits

Wide Mil-Spec and NATO Approvals
Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance
Exceptional anti-wear properties and extreme pressure performance
Broad operating temperature range (-73°C to 121°C) (-99°F to 250°F) 

Problems Solved
Ineffective Rust & Corrosion Protection From Grease
Loss of Oil & Lubrication Protection from Grease Migration
Poor Lubrication at Extreme Cold or Hot Temperatures

Aircraft and instrument, gear bearing, and actuator screw multi-purpose grease. In addition, Royco® 27 is effective in the temperature range from -73 to 121 °C. This synthetic grease is a type I grease identified by NATO code Number G-354.