Royco® 363

Low temperature, general purpose & instrument lube which meets MIL - PRF - 7870 specifications. NATO Specification: O-142. Joint Service Designation: OM-12.
Product Overview
Royco® 363 is a general-purpose lubricant for instrument and wide range of airframe components for both military and civilian aircraft. It is suitable for use over a wide temperature range.
Product Specifications
Viscosity, cSt
(@ 100°F): 10.5
(@ -40°F): 3410
Flash Point, oC 153
Pour Point, oF -62
Primary Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Features & Benefits
Excellent oxidation and corrosion protection
Low temp fluidity
Rust inhibition
Low VOC and evaporation resistance
Broad operating temperature range (-65°F to 250°F)
Problems Solved
Poor Lubricant Performance or Lock Up at Low Temperatures
High Oil Evaporation Rates & Loss of Lubricant Volume
Ineffective Rust and Corrosion Prevention from Oil
Royco® 363 Meets Specification: MIL - PRF - 7870 and can be used in a variety of general-purpose lubrication applications within civilian and military aircraft.