Royco® 1MS

Anti-seize thread and severe duty/ heavy-load compound which meets MIL-M-7866
Product Overview

Royco® 1MS is an engineered compound with advanced additives, inorganic gel thickeners, and MoS2 that provides superior performance for high load and sliding surface applications.
Royco® 1MS is suitable for use under severe operating conditions, broad temperatures and corrosive environment.

Product Specifications
Worked Penetration, (77°F, ASTM D-217): 220
Stability, (FTM 791-3003): PASS
Primary Chemistry: Molybdenum Disulfide - Petrolatum
Features & Benefits
Non-Abrasive Anti-seize Compound
Excellent Shear Stabilty
Low volatility
High thermal stability up to temps (800°F)
Problems Solved
Lubricant Compound Failure at Extreme High Temperatures
Compounds that Inhibit Electrical Current
Seizure in Threaded Components & Fasteners
Royco® 1MS is suitable for for use on a range of specialty aircraft engine spark plugs, fasteners and threaded fittings.