Royco® 586M

High temperature load carrying oil which meets MIL - PRF - 6086 specifications.
Product Overview
Royco® 586M is a blend of highly refined mineral oils and additives that achieve excellent load carrying capacity and corrosion/oxidation inhibition. A higher viscosity and load carrying capacity than Royco® 586L Lubricating Oil.
Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
(@ 100 °F): 72.9
(@ 210 °F): 802
Pour Point, (°C): -35
Flash Point, (°C): 196
Primary Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Features & Benefits
Exceptional high load carrying ability
Anti-foaming performance
High viscosity index
Broad operating temperature range
Problems Solved
Poor Foaming Control in Gear Oil Lubricant
Inferior Lubricating Film Protection at High Pressures
Royco® 586M is designed for application in gear boxes and specified helicopter transmissions.
Specification: MIL - PRF - 6086 GRADE M
This oil is identified by NATO Code Numbers O-153 and O-155.