Royco® 602

Lubricating oil & coolant fluid for aircraft avionics systems. Meets MIL - PRF - 87252C.


Product Overview

Royco® 602 is a synthetic PAO based coolant engineered for use in avionics and other sensitive electronic applications. Royco® 602 fluid is specifically engineered with robust hydrolytic stability and dielectric performance required in a wide range of modern technologies.

Royco® 602 oil does not react in the presence of water, leading to a much cleaner operating system and extending the lifespan of critical components.

Product Specifications
Specific Gravity, (15.6 °C): 0.7999
Kinematic Viscosity
(@ 100 °C, cSt): 1.72
(@ 40 °C, cSt): 5.19
(@ -40 °C, cSt): 277
(@ -54 °C, cSt): 1087
Viscosity Index: 145
Pour Point, (°F): -100
Flash Point, (°C): 158
Primary Chemistry: Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Features & Benefits

Very stable synthetic PAO base oil
Exceptional fluid performance over low and high temperature extremes
Provides cleaner operation and longer system life
Hydrolytically stable lubricating oil
Performance additives for long term storage stability

Problems Solved
Ineffective Aircraft Component Coolant Fluid Performance
Rapid Rust and Corrosion Formation in Critical Aircraft System Equipment
Poor Oil Stability or Resistance to Water Washout

Royco® 602 meets MILSPEC performance requirements under MIL-PRF-87252C and NATO S-1748.