Yellow color landing gear fluid which meets BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 2 specifications.
Product Overview

Royco® LGF (YELLOW) is a hydraulic fluid formulated to improve landing gear performance with excellent low-temperature and extreme pressure operability.

Royco® LGF (Landing Gear Fluid) greases aircraft landing gear systems, including shock struts using a mineral oil base with additive technology. Approvals for this LGF include Boeing BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 2 Specifications and Mil-Spec MIL-H-5606 allowing use in most current models of wide body aircrafts and delivering excellent lubricity for anti-wear & low temperature operation. The yellow (straw) coloring of Royco® LGF is the Boeing specified color.

Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
(@ 40°C): 14.5
(@-40°C): 423
(@-54°C): 1780
Flash Point, (°C): 110

Primary Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Features & Benefits
Improve "slip stiction"
Alleviate "ladder cracking" in gear struts
Enhanced lubricity performance
Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure performance
Problems Solved
Damage to Landing Gear Struts from Inferior Lubricating Fluid
Poor Lubricant Protection and Antiwear Performance

Royco® LGF (Yellow) can be used in a wide range of aviation applications, including those with specification call outs for:
BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 1 and 2 (Boeing Specification)