Royco® 756

“RED OIL” - A super clean, highly refined mineral oil based, hydraulic fluid for operation over wide temperature ranges.
Product Overview

Royco® 756 is commonly referred to "Red Oil" - and is a hydraulic fluid that meets MIL - PRF - 5606 specifications. Royco® 756 Fluid provides ultimate performance in severe duty aerospace, aircraft and industrial hydraulic systems. Royco® 756 hydraulic oil exhibits exceptional antiwear, oxidation and corrosion inhibition.

Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
(@ 100°C): 4.90
(@ 40°C): 13.2
(@ -40°C): 600
(@ -54°C): 2500
Pour Point, (°C): -62
Flash Point, (C.O.C., °F): 231
Primary Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Features & Benefits

Exceptional anti-wear protection
Excellent rust & oxidation prevention
High shear stability
High viscosity index for broad temperature flexibility
Mineral Oil-based Fluid
Great corrosion inhibition

Problems Solved
Poor Low Temperature Hydraulic Fluid Performance
Inefficient Shear Stability or Loss in Hydraulic Fluid Protection
High Levels of Foaming in Hydraulic System

Royco® 756 Hydraulic Fluid is suitable for use in a broad range of civilian and military applications including: aircraft, autopilot systems, shock absorbers, missiles, cherry pickers, robotics, auto wreckers and more. Royco® 756 is also approved for applications requiring military specification: MIL - PRF - 5606H(3)

MIL-SPEC: MIL-PRF-5606H(3) supersedes the following legacy specifications: Mil-H-5606G, Mil-O-5606, AN-O-336, AN-VV-O-336, and AAF-3580.