Royco® 11MS

Severe-duty general purpose aircraft grease that meets also meets MIL -G - 7711A, NATO: O-155, Joint Service Designation: AN-0-3 specifications.


Product Overview
Royco® 11MS is a high load bearing grease for applications with severe operating conditions (broad temperatures & corrosive environments). Royco® 11MS is designed with exceptional water resistance and load carrying properties.
Product Specifications
Unworked Penetration: 320
Worked Penetration, (60 Strokes): 337
Dropping Point, °F: >600
Starting Torque, (40 °F, Nm): 0.28
Running Torque, (40 °F, Nm): 0.03
Color: Gray-Black
Features & Benefits
High load carrying capability
Severe duty performance over extreme temperature ranges
Excellent corrosion & oxidation protection
Problems Solved
Poor Grease Thickener Stability at High Temperatures
Inferior Grease Water Resistance or Loss through Washout
Poor Lubrication for Critical Aircraft Landing Gear Assemblies
Royco® 11MS is suitable for use in bogie pivot pins and other landing gear assemblies, actuators, and other airframe applications.