Royco® 483

Aircraft turbojet engine & parts preservative fluid which meets MIL-C-6529 specifications.
Product Overview
Royco® 483 is an ashless, anti-corrosion preservative oil for aircraft gas turbine engines for moderate outdoor to long-term indoor storage periods. Royco® 483 is recommended for gas turbine engines normally lubricated with mineral based fluids. It has been formulated with a balanced ashless, anti-corrosion additive system and highly refined petroleum base oils this fluid protects turbine engines by minimizing the effects of ambient humidity and neutralizing acidic oxidation/combustion by-products.
Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity,
(cSt @ 100 °F): 21.8
(cSt @ 210 °F): 4.28
Flash Point, (°F): 308
Color: Light-green
Primary Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Features & Benefits
Outstanding rust & corrosion prevention
Excellent preservation of critical engine parts
Ashless technology leads to clean operation
Problems Solved
Aircraft Engine and Component Rust & Oxidation
Inferior or Inadequate Preservation of Engine Parts
Royco® 483 meets strict specification guidelines under:
MIL - C - 6529 TYPE 3
NATO Specification: C-610.
Joint Service Designation: OX-11.