Royco® 44

Heavy duty graphite anti-seize compound which meets SAE - AMS - 2518, NATO - S-720, Joint Service Designation: ZX-38 specifications.
Product Overview
Royco® 44 is a specialized anti-seize compound that has been formulated to delicately balance electrical conductivity needs with corrosion resistant metal/metal alloy contact suitability.
Product Specifications
Worked Penetration, (mm): 185
Melting Point, (°F): 130
Evaporation, (210°F/22 hr, %): 0.10
Flash Point, (°F): 485
Features & Benefits
Excellent anti-seize for threaded fasteners
Broad metal compatibility
Meets SAE-AMS 2518 & exceeds MIL-T-5544
Problems Solved
Compound Incompatibility with Metals or Alloys
Poor Dielectric Strength in Lubricant
Seizure in Sparkplugs, Threaded Fittings or Fasteners
Royco® 44 is suitable for use in a variety of sensitive aircraft components like spark plugs, igniters, threaded fittings and fasteners.