Royco® 899

5cSt, Synthetic turbine engine oil which meets MIL - PRF - 23699, NATO - O-156 specifications.
Product Overview

Royco® 899 is a synthetic ester-based, broad application, 5 cSt turbine engine oil. Royco® 899 Oil has been engineered with corrosion inhibition in mind and for strong oxidative and thermal stability performance. Royco® 899 Turbine Oil delivers excellent antiwear, rust & corrosion protection.

Product Specifications
Viscosity, (cSt @ 100°C): 5.00
cSt (@ 40°C): 25.8
cSt (@ -40°C): 11,400
Flash Point, °C: 263
Pour Point, °C: -56
Features & Benefits
Low coking and deposit formation
Improved hydrolytic stability
Broad temperature range
Increased fluid life
Excellent anti-wear performance
Great rust & corrosion inhibition
Problems Solved
Turbine Oil Washout from Hydrocarbon Gases, Liquids, or Water Inferior Aircraft Equipment Lubrication or Protection Poor Lubricant Film Strength for Compressor Components

Royco® 899 is formulated for lubrication requirements for both stationary industrial and aircraft gas-turbine engines operating in severe conditions and environments.