Royco® 555

Turbine engine & helicopter transmission oil which meets DOD - PRF - 85734 specifications. NATO Specification: O-160. Joint Service Designation: OX-26.
Product Overview
Royco® 555 is a synthetic-based, 5 cSt turbine engine oil that is formulated for excellent load carrying capacity. Royco® 555 is the premier fluid for use in many helicopter turbines, transmissions and gearboxes.
Product Specifications
Viscosity (cSt, @210°F): 5.40
Viscosity (cSt, @100°F): 29.5
Viscosity (cSt, @-40°F): 10,300
Flash Point: 508°F
Pour Point: -75°F

Primary Chemistry: Ester
Features & Benefits
Exceptionally high carrying load
Extreme thermal and pressure stability
Meets U.S. Mil Spec - DOD-PRF-85734
Also Meets - U.K. DERD.2497, XAS-2354, NATO Code O-160 and UK Joint Service Designation OX-26.
Problems Solved
Poor Lubrication & Protection in Critical Transmissions
Inferior Antiwear, Corrosion & Rust Prevention from Oil
Frequent Required Maintenance Intervals
Royco® 555 is formulated to meet the critical requirements for gearbox and transmission lubrication in helicopters.