Royco® 64

Synthetic grease with advanced microfine molybdenum disulfide (MOS₂) which meets MIL - G - 21164 specifications. NATO Specification: G-353. Joint Service Designation: XG-276.
Product Overview

Royco® 64 is a synthetic based grease formulated for outstanding oxidation and water resistance for applications requiring extreme pressure (EP) performance. Royco® 64 has a very broad operating temperature range with proven stability in performance between -100°F to 275°F (-73°C to 135°C). Royco® 64 was engineered specifically with added microfine "Moly" (MOS₂) for heavily loaded sliding surface protection.

These microfine particles adhere & penetrate equipment surfaces and provide long-term protection even after the oil component is removed via migration or volume loss.

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity (cSt, @40°C): 9.1
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt, @100°C): 2.7
Flash Point: 415°F (213°C)
Dropping Point: 387°F (197°C)
Starting, Low Temp Torque (NM, -73°C): 0.32
Running, Low Temp Torque (NM, -73°C): 0.03
Greases Thickener: lithium-12 hydroxy stearate
Additives: microfine molybdenum disulfide
Base Oil: Ester-based synthetic oil

Primary Chemistry: Ester
Features & Benefits

Meets specification: MIL-G-21164D
Broad operating temperature range (-100°F to 275°F)
Added molybdenum disulfide (micro-fine) for EP performance and antiseize protection
Excellent shear stability
High quality synthetic grease with Modern additives
High load carrying capability
Excellent rust & oxidation protection

Problems Solved
Poor Grease Washout Resistance or Migration
Inadequate Surface Protection at Incredibly High Loads
Inferior Grease Shear Stability & Performance Loss

Royco® 64 is engineered for steel-on-steel contact and sliding surfaces and low-to moderate speed anti-friction bearings under high load.  Royco® 64 also meets the strict requirements of Milspec MIL-G-21164D.