Royco® 885

Low-volatility instrument & general lubricating fluid which meets MIL - PRF - 6085 specifications. NATO Specification: O-147. Joint Service Designation: OX-14 (equivalent).
Product Overview
Royco® 885 is a synthetic ester based lubricant engineered for advanced and sensitive aerospace applications - ranging from delicate gyro bearing through high speed bearings to complex electronic equipment. Royco® 885 is formulated with exceptionally low-volatility.
Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 54.4°C (130°F): 8.98
@ 40°C (104°F): 13.02
@ -54°C (-65°F): 10,950
Pour Point, °C (°F): -64 (-83)
Flash Point, °C (°F): 225 (437)
Primary Chemistry: Ester
Features & Benefits
Specification: MIL - PRF - 6085
NATO Code No. 0-147
Exceptionally broad operating temperature range
Protects critical metallic components
Extended lubricant life and reduce overall fluid consumption
Problems Solved
Ineffective Lubricant Protection of Metal Components
Excessive Oil Loss or Evaporation
Lubricant Incompatibility or Damage to Electronic Components & Equipment