Royco® HF-825

High performance aircraft and industrial parts assembly grease.


Product Overview

Royco® HF-825 is a high-quality aviation performance fluid, engineered with a synthetic diester for enhanced lubrication performance. Royco® HF-825 is a concentrated solution & specially designed to facilitate assembly of small complex parts, designed with a high “tack” to allow parts to temporarily remain in place while being assembled.

Royco® HF-825 is a versatile O-Ring lubricant that allows for "wetting out" and safe installation without concern of chafing or tearing elastomer O-rings.  Royco® HF-825 can also be utilized as a viscosity index improver for many lubricating oils.  

Product Specifications

Kinematic Viscosity, cSt (@ 100°F): 2,900
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt (@ 210°F): 350
Flash Point: 420°F (215°C)
Fire Point : 475°F (246°C)
Specific Gravity: 0.912
Density (at 60°F): 7.60 lbs/gal
Gravity (API): 23.6
Acid Number, mg KOH/g: 0.2

Primary Chemistry: Synthetic Diester
Features & Benefits

Stay-in-place tacky lubricity for "stick-hold" assembly
Ashless technology leaves zero-deposit or coke formation
O-ring Protection & Compatability
Broad Lubricant Versatility

Problems Solved
Damage or Tearing to O-rings from Incompatible Lubricants
Metal Containing Tackifiers or Deposit Build Up from Ash
Lubricant & Sealing Chemistry Incompatibility
Royco® HF-825 is used as an assembly aid to "stick-hold" parts during multi-piece systems.
Royco® HF-825 can also be used to lubricate and wet-out O-rings prior to installation.