Trilene® 77

Lion Elastomers Trilene® 77 is a low molecular weight Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) terpolymer with 10.5% diene content for use in rubber, coating, and adhesive formulations.
Product Overview

Lion Elastomers Trilene® 77 grade is a crystalline waxy EPDM terpolymer that is used as an additive in rubber compounds and works well in sulfur-cured systems to reduce viscosity. It acts as a reactive plasticizer in rubber compounds without any significant loss of hardness or other mechanical properties. In coatings & adhesives Trilene® 77 EPDM is used as a nonpolar, non crystalline elastomeric material that provides strong adhesion to a variety of substrates. Additionally, Trilene® 77 demonstrates low permeability to gases and water vapor, superior impact resistance and high flexibility at low temperatures. Trilene® 77 EPDM is easier to handle during mixing compared to Trilene® 65 and 67 since it is a solid at room temperature.

Product Specifications

Color: Pale Yellow
Form: Waxy Solid
Ash: <0.1%
Ethylene/Propylene: 74/26
Degree of Unsaturation (% Diene): 10.5%
Type of Diene: ENB
Specific Gravity: 0.86
Molecular Weight by GPC (Da): 27,000
Brookfield Viscosity (cP, RVT #7 at 60°: 800,000
Brookfield Viscosity (cP, RVT #7 at 100°: 102,000
Volatiles at 100ºC (212ºF): <0.5%

Primary Chemistry: Ethylene-Propylene Terpolymer
Features & Benefits

Easy processing and handling
Easy to weigh before mixing
Maintains mechanical properties
Hydrophobic with low surface energy
Compatible with various polymer, oil, and solvent systems
Flexible at low temperatures
Excellent resistance to moisture, UV light, ozone, and chemical degradation
Adhesion to various substrates without the use of a primer
Dielectric Strength 
Outstanding impact resistance

Problems Solved
Changes in the mechanical properties with the use of plasticizers of rubber compounding applications
Loss of hardness caused by low stability or reactivity plasticizers
Availability of low molecular weight EPDM resins
Low resistance and high permeability of traditional elastomeric materials

Rubber compounding
Conformal Coatings and Potting
High molecular weight elastomers
Thermoplastic elastomers
Rubber belts and hoses for Aerospace and Automotive
Building & Construction
Wire & Cable
Conveyor belts
Roof coatings
Elastomeric coatings
Marine coatings
Anti-corrosion coatings
Barrier coatings that need permeability to air, water, and chemicals
Elastomeric sealants & adhesives