Solus™ 3050

Solus™ 3050 is a low molecular weight cellulose ester that can be used in water based coatings to improve pigment orientation, leveling, and dry time.
Product Overview
Solus™ 3050 is a performance additive designed to improve metallic pigment orientation, flow and leveling, and dry to touch time in water-based and low VOC coatings. Solus™ 3050 differs from other cellulose esters in that it can tolerate water without causing any appearance issues. Smooth and bright automotive basecoats can be achieved without sacrificing productivity of paint lines by including Solus™ 3050 in the paint formulation. Because Solus™ 3050 improves metallic pigment orientation lower grade metal flakes can be used to achieve the same appearance as high end metallic flakes allowing for a significant cost savings.
Product Specifications
Viscosity: 1.02 poise, 0.3 s
Acetyl Content: 1.9 wt%
Butyryl Content: 46.7 wt%
Hydroxyl Content: 2.8 wt%
Acid Number: 50
Tg: 130°C
Solution Viscosity: 100 cP
Polymer Density (lbs/gal): 10.7 (1.25 kg / L)
Primary Chemistry: Cellulose Ester
Features & Benefits
Tolerates water
Improved metallic pigment orientation and flop
Decreased dry to touch time
Superior flow and leveling
Reduced color drift
Improved color uniformity and pigment wetting
Problems Solved
Poor metallic pigment orientation
Poor brightness in basecoats
Surface defects
Slow dry time of low VOC coatings
Automotive Coatings; Aerosol Coating; Industrial Coatings; Wood Coatings; Metal Coatings