CAP-482-0.5 is a low molecular weight cellulose acetate propionate polymer. It is used as a film former and resin modifier in inks and coatings.
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Product Overview
CAP-482-0.5 is a mixed cellulose ester with a high propionate level at a low molecular weight. Cellulose acetate propionate (CAP) are highly soluble and compatibility with most common resins. They have low odor and are effective film forming agents recommended for use in inks, OPVs, plastic and paper coatings. CAP-482-0.5 is effective in dispersing pigments and stable to ultraviolet light. They do not react with dyes, fluorescent colors, or metallic pigments. CAPs provide the durability of cellulose acetate and the solubility and flexibility of cellulose acetate butyrate.
Product Specifications
ASTM-A viscosity, sec: 0.5
Acetyl by GC, wt%: 2.5 Max
Propionyl by GC, wt%: 45-49
Free acidity, ppm: 300 Max
Moisture, wt%: 3.0 Max
Primary Chemistry: Cellulose Acetate Propionate
Features & Benefits
Low odor
Good flow and leveling
Pigment dispersion medium
Reduced blocking
Chemical resistance
Reduced dry time
Problems Solved
Poor flexibility of coatings and inks that are highly durable
Poor chemical resistance of coatings and inks
VOC restrictions that relate to printing inks and coatings
Printing Inks; Overprint Varnish; Nail Care