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CAB-381-20 BP

CAB-381-20 BP is a slightly modified version of CAB-381-20 designed to meet the needs of European formulators.


20kg Bag



Product Overview

CAB-381-20 BP is a cellulose ester resins with medium butyryl content and high viscosity. It provides greater toughness, better mechanical properties and high cold crack resistance due to improved dimensional stability. CAB-381 products are compatible with many resins and soluble in low-cost solvent systems.

Related Technologies: 100% Solids; Flexographic Printing; Gravure Printing; Ink Jet; Lithographic Printing; Overprint Varnishes; Powder Coating; Screen Printing; Solvent-based Coating; UV & EB Inks; UV-Curable Coating


Related Applications:  Aerosol Coatings; Aerospace Coatings; Appliances & Machinery Coatings; Architectural Coatings; Automotive Inks; Automotive OEM Coatings; Automotive Refinish; Basecoats; Ceramic Coatings; Coil Coatings; Commercial & Publication; Consumer Paints; Corrugated Boxes; Digital Inks; Electronics Coatings; Flexible Films; Floor Coatings; Furniture Coatings; Glass & Ceramics; Graphic Arts Coatings; Industrial Coatings; Lacquers; Marine Coatings; Metal Coatings; Nail Polish; Narrow Web; Overprint Varnishes; Packaging; Pipe Coatings; Plastic Coatings; Plastics; Primers; Printed Electronics; Release Coatings; Special Purpose Coatings; Stone and Tile Coatings; Tag & Label; Terra Cotta Coatings; Textile & Leather Coatings; Textiles; Topcoats; Traffic Paint; Wood Coatings

Features & Benefits

Improve flow and leveling
Reduce cratering
Reduce dry time
Provide polishability
Improve sprayability
Pigment dispersion medium
Metallic pigment control
Redissolve resistance
Sag resistance
Enhanced color uniformity
Decreased sand scratch telegraphing
Intercoat adhesion
Compliant with European standards

Product Specifications

Viscosity ASTM-A, sec: 12 -20
Acetyl by GC, wt%: 14 - 17
Butyryl by GC, wt%: 33.0 -38.0
Free acidity, ppm: 300 Max
Moisture, wt%: 3.0 Max
Hydroxyl, wt%: 0.5 - 1.2
Chemistry:  Cellulose Esters; Cellulose Esters
Functions:  Binders; Binders; Leveling; Rheology Modifiers; Rheology Modifiers; Wetting and Leveling

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