CAB-381-2 BP

CAB-381-2 BP is medium molecular weight cellulose acetate butryate (CAB) with moderate butyrate content. It is used as a film-former, resin modifier, and additive in solvent-based coatings.
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Product Overview
CAB-381-2 BP is designed to provide a lower solution viscosity than standard CAB-381-2. This allows for lower viscosity while still keeping solids content relatively high. CAB-381-2 BP is compatible with most common solvents, plasticizers and resins and as such is a useful tool for formulators looking to make high performance coatings. Coatings that incorporate CAB-381-2 BP have better flow and leveling, fewer surface defects, better pigment orientation, and improved UV stability.
Product Specifications
Viscosity ASTM-A, sec: 0.33 - 0.55
Acetyl by GC, wt%: 12 - 15
Butyryl by GC, wt%: 36 - 40
Free acidity, ppm: 300 Max
Moisture, wt%: 3.0 Max
Hydroxyl, wt%: 1.0 - 2.0
Primary Chemistry: Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
Features & Benefits
Improve flow and leveling
Reduce cratering
Reduce dry time
Provide polishability
Improve sprayability
Pigment dispersion medium
Metallic pigment control
Redissolve resistance
Sag resistance
Enhanced color uniformity
Decreased sand scratch telegraphing
Intercoat adhesion
Compliant with European standards
Automotive Coatings; Plastic Coatings; Lacquers; Heat Seal Adhesive