A preservative based on 19% benzisothiazolinone (BIT) dispersed in water and approved for various industrial uses 
Product Overview
Industrial microbicides are a collection of in-can and thin-film preservatives that are appropriate for a multitude of product applications.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Flowable dispersion
Color: white
pH: approximately 7
Flash point: >100°C

Primary Chemistry: Benzisothiazolinone (BIT)
Features & Benefits
Broad-spectrum activity
Ease of handling
Good compatability in aqueous compositions
Low toxicity
Excellent chemical stability in high pH systems
Problems Solved
High VOC in-can preservatives
CMIT limitations in coatings, adhesives, and building materials
Regulatory concerns with CMIT and halogenated biocides in adhuvants and agriculture products
Poor stability in high temperatures and pH systems
Coating preservatives, adhesive preservatives, building and construction preservatives, agriculture