Elvacite® 4026

Elvacite® 4026 is a low molecular weight, methyl methacrylate copolymer that is designed to be used as a modifier for UV & EB curable formulations.
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Product Overview

Elvacite® 4026 is a methacrylate resin that was designed to be used to improve the performance of UV & EB curable formulations. Elvacite® 4026 utilizes a unique UV reactive macromolecular design that allows faster cure rate, reduced shrinkage, lower viscosity, improved chemical resistance, increased flexibility, and improved adhesion. Many times a cost savings can be achieved by using Elvacite® 4026 in place of expensive, acrylate functionalized oligomers. Elvacite® 4026 is soluble in many common acrylic monomers including TPGDA, HDDA, and TEGDA. When formulating with this resin it is recommended to dissolve it in monomer before adding to the other components. it should be used in combination with acrylate functionalized oligomers at a ration of 30/70 to 50/50.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Glass transition temp, onset: 75°C
Molecular weight: 32,500
Acid number: 0

Primary Chemistry: Methyl Methacrylate Polymer
Features & Benefits
Faster cure rate
Lower formulation viscosity
Improved solvent and chemical resistance
Problems Solved
Poor chemical resistance of solvent based coatings and inks
Shrinkage of UV curable formulations that occurs with cross-linking and cure
Slow cure rate due to slow solvent release of resins
Increased viscosity due to an increase in solids
UV Curable Inks & Coatings; Wood Coatings; Plastic Coatings