Elvacite® 2051

Elvacite® 2051 is a high molecular weight acrylic resin based on poly methyl methacrylate. It is used in low solids coatings that require durability.
Product Overview

Elvacite® 2051 is a solid bead, high molecular weight, poly methyl methacrylate resin. It's high molecular weight and exceptional toughness, clarity, and UV resistance make it an ideal resin for low solids lacquer formulations. Coatings based on Elvacite® 2051 have excellent abrasion resistance, blocking resistance, and slip. These properties make it an ideal coating resin for flooring, architectural, and industrial applications.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Specific gravity: 1.25 @ 25°C
Glass transition temp, onset: 105°C
Molecular weight: 410,000
Inherent viscosity: 1.137 - 1.367
% Moisture: 0.5 (max)
Primary Chemistry: Methyl Methacrylate Resin
Features & Benefits
Excellent abrasion resistance
Block resistance
Shrinkage reduction
Problems Solved
Poor UV stability of coatings and inks
Blocking of inks, paints, and coatings
Adhesion failure caused by shrinkage that occurs due to cross-linking
Wood Coatings; Metal Coatings; Lacquers; Plastic Coatings; Aerosol Coatings