Elvacite® 2041

Elvacite® 2041 is a very high molecular weight poly methyl methacrylate resin that is used in coating applications requiring abrasion resistance and slip.
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Product Overview
Elvacite® 2041 is an acrylic resin based on poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA). It has a very high molecular weight that provides the films it produces outstanding abrasion resistance, blocking resistance, and slip. Elvacite® 2041 is ideal for low solids coatings that produce highly durable films such as spray lacquers. Elvacite® 2041 is a non reactive resin. This makes it useful for altering and controlling viscosity of reactive coating systems. Because of it exceptional hardness, Elvacite® 2041 is only suited to be used in coatings and adhesives for rigid substrates like wood, metal, and vinyl.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Specific gravity: 1.19 @ 25°C
Glass transition temp, onset: 105°C
Molecular weight: 447,000
Inherent viscosity: 1.137 - 1.367
Brookfield viscosity (cP) @ 15% in toluene: 200 - 500
% Moisture: 0.75 (max)
Primary Chemistry: Methyl Methacrylate Resin
Features & Benefits
Reduces shrinkage
Controls viscosity
Maximum abrasion resistance
Excellent blocking resistance
Outstanding clarity
UV resistance
Problems Solved
Out of specification viscosity of reactive cure coatings and inks
Detrimental adhesion of surfaces that are freshly coated
Shrinkage of coatings and inks due to rapid cross-linking
Metal coatings; Plastic Coatings; Wood Coatings; Aerosol Coatings; Lacquers