Epolene® C-13 Polymer

Epolene® C-13 is a highly branched polyethylene polymer that can be used as base polymers in coatings, additives in inks, and modifiers for paraffin waxes.
Product Overview
Epolene® C-13 is a branched LDPE homopolymer that was originally developed to be blended with other low molecular weight waxes to increase viscosity and control penetration of the wax blend onto paper surfaces. In addition, wax blends containing Epolene® C-13 offer improved grease resistance, blocking resistance, scuff resistance, and higher gloss. Epolene® C-13 is also commonly used as a base resin in hot-melt adhesive formulations for packaging where it provides excellent adhesion to paper and other common packaging films. In color concentrate applications Epolene® C-13 is used as base polymer that allows for easier processing and excellent pigment dispersion.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: LDPE
Molecular Weight: 76,000
Ring and Ball Softening Point: 110°C (ASTM E 28)
Penetration Hardness: 3 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity @ 190°C: 63,000 cP
Melt Index, 190°C/2.16 kg: 190

Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene Polymer
Features & Benefits
Improved adhesion and carpet binding
Low moisture vapor transmission
Low color
Grease resistance
High gloss
Good heat stability
Masterbatch carrier
Prevents filler aggregation
Problems Solved
Poor adhesion of hot melt adhesive to paper and packaging films.
Viscosity of wax coating is too low.
Paper coating sticks to itself.
Damage to paper caused by grease.
Automotive carpet backing, wax modification, PVC lubricant, plastics color concentrates and materbatch.