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Epolene® E-25 Polymer

Epolene® E-25 is a maleic anhydride modified polypropylene product used in adhesives, coatings and wax blends and as a coupling agent for filled composites.


50lb Bag



Product Overview

Epolene® E-25 is a maleic anhydride modified polypropylene pellet for use in adhesives blends, floor polishes and as a compatibilizer or coupling agent in PP composites. Because of its polarity and anhydride functionality it can be useful in laminating and for enhancing strength of composites that utilize fillers such as glass, talc or metals.  

Product Specifications

Polymer Type:  Ma-PP
Molecular Weight: 12,000
Ring and Ball Softening Point: 157°C
Penetration Hardness: <1 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 300 cP @ 190°C
Primary Chemistry: Polypropylene

Features & Benefits

Excellent pigment dispersion
Low color
High durability
Imparts slip
High gloss


Book-binding, laminating, caulks and sealants, floor polish finishes

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Epolene® Polymers

Epolene® polymers are medium- to low-molecular-weight polyethylene or polypropylene polymers that provide abrasion, moisture, and grease resistance when used in the plastics industry as PVC lubricants, processing aids, mold release agents, dispersion aids, and coupling agents.

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