Epolene® E-43P Polymer

Epolene® E-43P is a maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene wax. It is typically used as a coupling agent for polypropylene composites.
Product Overview
Epolene® E-43P is a medium molecular weight, maleic anhydride modified polypropylene polymer. The added functionality of Epolene® E-43P make it a great coupling agent for filled polypropylene and a great compatibilizer for plastic alloys and pigmented single plastic systems. Epolene® E-43P is the powdered version of Epolene® E-43. E-43P is also useful in hot melt adhesives due to improved adhesion to plastics and metals.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene
Molecular Weight: 9,100
Ring and Ball Softening Point:
Penetration Hardness: <1 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 300 cP @ 190°C

Primary Chemistry: Chemically Modified Polypropylene
Features & Benefits
Excellent pigment dispersion
Low color
High durability
Imparts slip
High gloss
Improved adhesion to metal and plastic
Problems Solved
Particle size of Epolene® E-43P is not small enough.
Book-binding, caulks and sealants, laminating, floor polish finishes, master batch