Epolene® E-14P Polymer

Epolene® E-14P is a low-density oxidized polyethylene wax powder. It is useful as a lubricant for flexible and rigid PVC and as a processing aid for color master batch.
Product Overview
Epolene® E-14P is the powder version of Epolene®E-14, an oxidized polyethylene polymer with low density and low molecular weight. It can be used in color concentrates and as a lubricant in processing rigid and flexible PVC. It is listed with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components Health Effects.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: Oxidized Polyethylene
Molecular Weight: 4,000
Mettle Softening Point:
104°C (ASTM D 6090)
Penetration Hardness:
4 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 375 cP @ 125°C

Primary Chemistry: Oxidized Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Good slip resistance
High durability
Produces stable emulsions
NSF listed in PVC melt processes
Problems Solved
Particle size of Epolene® E-14 is too large.
Automotive, Automotive OEM, Pressure sensitive adhesives, wax modification, PVC melt processing, Color master batch, Floor polish