Epolene® EE-2 Polymer

Epolene® EE-2 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax that is useful as an asphalt modifier.
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Product Overview
Epolene® EE-2 is a medium density, low molecular weight oxidized polyethylene polymer. The low viscosity and low softening point of Epolene® EE-2 lend to a short drying time, good gloss, and exceptional hardness. It can be easily mixed with all types of asphalts and provides improved durability and appearance to the final product.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type:
Molecular Weight: 7,500
Ring and Ball Softening Point:
110°C (ASTM E 28)
Penetration Hardness:
<1 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 1,500 cP @ 125°C

Primary Chemistry: Oxidized Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Excellent pigment dispersion
Short dry time
High hardness
High functionality
High gloss
Problems Solved
Poor storage stability of blended asphalt.
Rutting of asphalt.
Insufficient compaction of asphalt.
Damage caused to asphalt by extreme temperature changes.
Asphalt modification, Pressure sensitive adhesives, wax modification.