Elvacite® 4331

Elvacite® 4331 is a low molecular weight methacrylate polymer that is used as a dispersion resin in universal pigment paste preparations.
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Product Overview

Elvacite® 4331 is a thermoplastic methacrylate polymer that is ideally suited as for pigment dispersion in pigment paste preparations. It is compatible with a broad range of both organic and inorganic pigments and provides excellent wetting. The low molecular weight of Elvacite® 4331 allows for lower viscosity solutions and heavier pigment loading. It is available in as a free flowing solid bead that is soluble in ketones, esters, toluene, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Solutions of Elvacite® 4331 have remarkable clarity and will not interfere with pigment coloration.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Glass transition temp, onset: 61°C
Molecular weight: 4,000
Acid number: 7
Inherent viscosity: 0.035 - 0.060
% Moisture: 0.5 (max)
% Methacrylic acid: 0.450 - 0.75
Primary Chemistry: Methacrylate
Features & Benefits
Compatibility with wide range of pigments and resins
Low viscosity solutions
Solvent free
Water-white clarity
Problems Solved
Poor pigment wetting and dispersion resulting in a lack of color strength
Pigments settling out of dispersion
Pigment Pastes