Epolene® C-26 Polymer

Epolene® C-26 is a maleated, low density polyethylene wax that is used as a coupling agent in polyolefin composites containing fillers or reinforcing agents.
Product Overview
Epolene® C-26 is a branched, medium molecular weight, low density polyethylene (LDPE) polymer that is grafted with maleic anhydride. The polarity and molecular weight of this polymer make it an ideal coupling agent for polyolefin composites containing fillers, reinforcing agents, or additives. The added polarity and functionality of the maleic anhydride allows for improved compatibility between polyolefin and additives such as wood, glass, fibers, and metals. This same property makes Epolene® C-26 is used in additive masterbatch to improve the compatibility of polyethylene with non-halogenated flame retardants. Epolene® C-26 can also be used in hot melt coatings for paper. Coatings made from Epolene® C-26 have high gloss and can be heat sealed to paper, foils, and other common packaging films.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: Ma-PE
Molecular Weight: 65,000
Mettle Softening Point: 120°C
Penetration Hardness:
<1 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: MI=8 @ 190°C

Primary Chemistry: Maleated Polyethylene Polymer
Features & Benefits
Maleic anhydride grafted
Coupling aid for fiber glass and PE composites
Melt Phase Compatibiliser
Adhesion Promoter
Balanced attraction between polar and non-polar components
Problems Solved
Incompatibility of fillers with polyethylene used in composite manufacturing.
Incompatibility of waxes in melt phase.
Poor adhesion of hot melt adhesives on paper and plastic films.
Hot melt coatings that do not seal well.
Fiber glass, plastics compounding, masterbatch carrier, paper coatings, cardboard and carton coatings.