Elvacite® 2927

Elvacite® 2927 is a methacrylate copolymer that is designed to provide lower viscosity and be used in high solid, low VOC ink and coating formulations.
Product Overview

Elvacite® 2927 was designed for applications that require the low VOC content of a high solids formulation and the durability of a high molecular weight resin. Many times in order to achieve high solids and low VOC a low molecular weight resin must be used. This can cause issues with embrittlement. Elvacite® 2927 utilizes proprietary technology to allow for lower viscosity at a given resin solids content. It is an ideal film former and binder for high solids ink and coating formulations. Elvacite® 2927 is available as a solid bead resin that is readily soluble in ketones, aromatics, glycol ethers, and esters. It forms clear, durable, UV resistant films with an optimal balance of hardness and flexibility. It is often used in concrete coatings, marine paints, and solvent based inks.

Product Specifications
Specific gravity 1.13
Glass transition temperature (Tg) °C 46
Inherent viscosity b 0.110-0.130
Molecular weight 19,000
Acid number 3.5
Moisture content, (% Max.) 0.65
Primary Chemistry: Methyl / n-butyl methacrylate copolymer
Features & Benefits
Low viscosity
VOC compliant
Lower odor solvents
Higher flash solvents
High solids
Problems Solved
Embrittlement in high solids coatings
Increasing viscosity with increasing solids content
VOC restrictions that regulate the use of low solid coatings
Industrial Coatings; Concrete Coatings; Marine Paints; Printing Inks; UV Curable Coatings & Inks