Solus™ 2300

Solus™ 2300 is low molecular weight cellulose ester that is designed to optimize performance of high solids industrial coatings.
Product Overview
Solus™ 2300 is a performance additive designed to improve efficiency and performance of high solids, low VOC coatings. Low molecular weight polymers are commonly used in coatings that need to comply with VOC restrictions. One common issues faced with these high solids coatings is that they have a long dry to touch time. By substituting 5% of the polymer with Solus™ 2300 dry to touch times can be reduced in excess of 40%. In addition, inclusion of Solus™ 2300 into low VOC coatings helps to greatly decreases defects due to surface contamination and results in a reduction or rework and cost.
Product Specifications
Intrinsic Viscosity: 0.095
Acetyl Content: 19 wt%
Butyryl Content: 30 wt%
Hydroxyl Content: 1.6 wt%
Moisture Content: 3.0 max %
Tg: ~110°C
Specific Gravity: 1.22
Polymer Density (lbs/gal): 10.2 (1.22 kg / L)
Primary Chemistry: Cellulose Ester
Features & Benefits
Faster dry-to-touch time
Excellent anti-sag behavior
Wider window of polishability
Improved gloss after polishing
Ease of sanding
Improves performance on contaminated surfaces
Enhanced metal flake orientation
Improved strike-in resistance
Problems Solved
Coating defects caused by surface contamination
Slow dry time
Automotive Coatings; Printing Inks; Textile Coatings; Industrial Coatings