Epolene® C-16P Polymer

Epolene® C-16P is a maleic anhydride modified, low density, powdered polyethylene wax . It is used as a base polymer in heat seal coatings and adhesives.
Product Overview
Epolene® C-16P is a highly branched, medium molecular weight, maleic anhydride modified, low density polyethylene (LDPE) wax powder. It is most commonly used in heat seal coatings for packaging applications where it produces a barrier coating that can be heat sealed to foils, polyolefin films, and paper. Epolene® C-16P is also used as a base polymer in highly filled masterbatch. The added functionality allows for improved dispersion and wetting of additives in color concentrates. In addition, Epolene® C-16P can be blended with other polymers used in hot melt adhesive formulations to improve hot tack and adhesion to smooth surfaces.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: Ma-PE
Molecular Weight: 26,000
Ring and Ball Softening Point: 102°C (ASTM E 28)
Penetration Hardness: 3 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 2,850 cP @ 190°C

Primary Chemistry: Maleated Polyethylene Polymer
Features & Benefits
Low moisture vapor transmission
Grease resistance
High gloss
Good heat seal ability
Improved adhesion
High filler tolerance
Superior aging properties
Problems Solved
Epolene® C-16 takes too long to melt because of particle size.
Color concentrates carrier, automotive, wax modification, building & construction coatings, solvent-based adhesives, carpet assembly adhesives, packaging hot melt adhesives.