Elvacite® 4402

Elvacite® 4402 is a hydroxyl functional methacrylate polymer that is used as a the main binder in acrylic systems that are cured with isocyanates.
Product Overview
Elvacite® 4402 is a methacrylate based resin that contains hydroxyl functionality.
This functionality allows it to be crosslinked and cured with isocyanates and amines.
Elvacite® 4402 is available as a solid bead that is soluble in toluene, ketones, and esters.
It has a low molecular weight and can therefore be used to produce solutions with high solids and a low viscosity.
Films formed from solutions containing Elvacite® 4402 have excellent outdoor durability, optimal balance of flexibility & hardness, and improved adhesion.
An added benefit of these solutions is improved pigment wetting which leads to better color strength in cured films.
Elvacite® 4402 is an ideal resin for high solid, low VOC, 2K systems.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Glass transition temp, onset: 76°C
Molecular weight: 40,000
Hydroxyl number: 9
Acid number: 5
Inherent viscosity: 0.16
Primary Chemistry: Methacrylate
Features & Benefits
Solvent free
Superior chemical resistance
Excellent outdoor durability and UV resistance
Favorable balance of flexibility and hardness
Low molecular weight
Problems Solved
Increasing VOC restrictions placed on solvent based coatings, inks, and adhesives
Yellowing and damage caused by prolonged exposure to weather
Low color strength caused by poor pigment wetting and dispersion.
Low cohesive film strength due to lack of cross-linking
Architectural Coatings; Automotive Coatings; Industrial Coatings; Structural Adhesives